Frequently Asked Questions

What can you ask from CTOs?

Ask anything about building tech products, digital strategy, hiring developers or managing creative teams. Questions such as:

  • “My website keeps breaking down, how do I put this on Upwork?”
  • “The developers said it can’t be done, is that true?”
  • “One person wants to use React, the other native iOS, how do I compare these two quotes?”
  • “My dream is to build a bitcoin payment system for goats, where do I start?”
  • “Should I hire a full-time designer and copywriter, or outsource these roles altogether?”
  • “Do I put a fixed price or hourly rate for this project?”

…and many more.

Who is the host?

As entrepreneur or as independent consultant, I worked with household names like Orange, IBM, Vodafone or the UEFA Champions League – as well as many startups that you probably haven’t (yet) heard of.

Helped to get founders from zero to one: from no customers to the first thousand. And I also helped other companies scale. To establish workflows, get in shape, install best practices that puts them on the path of sustainable growth.

I’ve lead many creative teams as well, ran a full-service ad agency, worked on apps, websites, animated spots, billboards, or research & development projects. Whether it’s a fintech startup‘s app or artificial intelligence, I’ve built diverse software products across cultures and team structures. Ready to meet your challenge!

How big are the groups?

The number of participants is limited to a super-small group, to make sure everyone has the time to share their biggest pain, and gather all the ideas and expertise needed to get it sorted.

If you want to run the question on us first, feel free to reach out and ask whether it’s worth the trip – but chances are that if it’s anything technical, we’ll be able to help.

You will also meet other founders on the event who might be in the exact same shoes – and what’s better than a mastermind group?

Can I ask anything else before coming to the event?

Yes please! Just use any of the contacts on the website.

What are the core takeaways?

Core takeaways change from group to group, but you should expect to:

  • Have your biggest pain point solved or have a clear next step in solving it
  • Learn how to spot problematic freelancers early on
  • Become a better project manager forever
How frequently are you organizing events?

We’re committed to organize 10 events in the next year. You can meet us almost every Month, from February to November.

Most of the events are still in the making, but you’ll surely find us in Berlin, London and elsewhere in Europe.


Richard Dancsi

Founder & Techie

Startup founder and management consultant with over 15 years experience in building technology teams, products and companies.